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The soul and the atmosphere we conceive are the result of an alchemy of shapes, colours and materials for a happiness moment: the treatment ritual.

According to your needs, our role consists in helping you to face to spa professions demands, from conception through realisation right up to management.

Regularity, organisation, communication and discipline are the keys which provide profitability and success to our customers.

In 2001, conscious of its partners' expectations, the Thalgo group innovated once more with the creation of Thalgo Spa Management. This consulting company is one of the first companies designed specifically for hotels and resorts managers, investors, spa managers and thalassotherapy centres.

Our mission is to help you in the creation or exploitation of your spa or Thalassotherapy centre.
Our skills cover all the steps of your project from the ''feasibility study'' to the final step of ''opening and exploitation''.

In order to offer you the best advice, we have built a team strengthened by 10 years of experience and which participated in more than 50 spa and thalassotherapy projects across the 5 continents.

This team is composed of architects, interior designers, technical engineers, hotel directors and spa managers.
The synergy effect created by these different skills permit Thalgo Spa Management to position itself as one of the most competent companies of the world on the wellness centre creation sector.

Furthermore, we benefit from 40 years' experience of the Thalgo group which represents at present unequalled know-how in the domain of the Spa treatment and Thalasso.

Thalgo is a rapidly expanding group that generates a turnover of about 55 million euros.
The group is composed of over 450 employees, a laboratory, an integrated production unit, 13 companies and more than 15,000 partners throughout the world. The head office is located in the southeast of France (Var).

Present on the five continents and in over 90 countries, the Thalgo world exists in the most beautiful and prestigious spa and thalassotherapy centres of the world.

Help with creating your Spa:
Thalgo Spa Management offers a free online diagnostic support you in creating your spa. To take advantage click here.
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