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The feasibility study is intended for the investors and information seekers, wishing to have some guarantees on the validity and durability of their spa or thalassotherapy project.

The market and opportunity study consists in the elaboration of a summary file containing information on the French and/ or the Global spa and thalassotherapy market with notably:
- the concepts definition
- the market evolution
- the marketing position of the competitors with an analysis
- the supply analysis on the sector
- the distribution networks analysis
- a study relative to the actual situation concerning economy and sociology

Then and according to the previous analysis, we get a more detailed study of the future project with a definition of a concept, the position to adapt, the architecture and the business plan we suggest you.

Finally, and according to your choices, needs and constrains of the project, we assist you in the elaboration of the investment and exploitation budgets.

Help with creating your Spa:
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